ET’s Home Sweet Home Away From Home

Let’s start off with a commonly held, but unproven assumption or belief that extraterrestrials have in the past, and are currently, interacting with Planet Earth and humanity – ancient astronauts and UFOs respectively. Now since these aliens have neither invaded, nor sought diplomatic contact, they have been somewhat less than right royally in your face when it comes to making an absolute spectacle of themselves. Translated, they are here, but are somewhat shy, at least in the sense of staying out of harms way. Now where they would seclude themselves depends on a number of factors homesweethome.

Firstly, if the aliens have indeed mounted a long-term expedition to our terrestrial neck of the cosmic woods, they will need access to resources. You can only bring so much with you and no recycling scheme is ever 100% efficient. Entropy rules: order to disorder; useful to useless. So, aliens will need to top up their energy tanks, their required minerals, water, fertilizers for their hydroponic tanks, etc. Fortunately for them, resources are abundant just about anywhere in our solar system – water (as ices), minerals, solar energy, hydrocarbons, etc. So, aliens don’t need to factor resources in their home away from home staying out of harms way equation.

Having satisfied their long-term resource needs, they need a place(s) to live – a home sweet home away from home – that’s out of harms way. Aliens are well aware that humans shoot first and ask questions later. Keeping out of harms way however is relative to the state of humans’ abilities to in fact harm them. In the days BCE; in the days of ‘ancient astronauts’, places like Mount Olympus and the high Andes would adequately serve. Ancient alien buffs have speculated that aliens had bases under the sea and/or underground, and these would have also served the alien’s security purposes. The same applies to regions generally inhospitable to humans – arid areas and the Polar Regions. Such terrestrial abodes would be a welcome relief from the confinement of their starship or ‘mother ship’ which obviously must exist in order to serve as their transport between there and here.

Fast forward to today, and Mount Olympus, the South Pole, underwater and caves/caverns would no longer adequately serve their security needs. It would be time to sell up and move to a new home sweet home away from home. It’s either back to the ‘mother ship’ or the next nearest but still remote and isolated from human activity piece of real estate. Well, the ‘mother ship’ is okay for getting from Point A to Point B, but aliens, like humans, need to stretch their legs. That leaves the nearby but out of this world abode – the Moon.

Now there’s nothing new about speculation that the Moon could be a ‘home away from home’ for E.T. In fact it was once topical for those whose grounding in basic science was a bit suss to speculate that our Moon was in fact the alien’s ‘mother ship’. The Moon was an artificially hollowed out spaceship. You don’t hear too much about that brand of pseudoscience anymore, but that doesn’t mean E.T. can’t phone home from the Moon.

What can’t be so easily dismissed are reports from bona-fide astronomers (both professional and amateur) about mysterious lights seen on and sometimes moving about on the Moon. They are collective termed Transient Lunar Phenomena (TLP). There have been thousands of TLP events reported, recorded and catalogued in the technical scientific literature. Explanations abound, like volcanic activity (which is highly unlikely), but nothing has come to the fore yet which has satisfied all of the people all of the time. It’s also not too difficult to find astronomical reports of anomalous structures on the Moon. I can recall reports of unusual lunar spires photographed from the series of Lunar Orbiter unmanned space probes used for detailed lunar mapping prior to selecting touchdown sites for the then upcoming Apollo Moon landings.

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