Pet Series: The Proper Care of Parakeets

It is erroneous to think that having a bird as a pet involves little work careproper. There is more to it than cleaning the cage and giving ample food and water. Parakeets in particular have touchy immune systems. What seems to be a small problem can make a parakeet deadly ill overnight.

How you care for your bird will determine how often you are going to have to pay a vet bill. Their plumage should be checked regularly. The birds themselves will keep their feathers in good condition by their grooming process called preening. A simple misting of warm water will encourage your parakeet to prune more often.

When deciding on a cage, make sure to purchase one that allows for plenty of room for them to move around. At least two perches should be in the cage and a cuttlebone can be attached to the side of the cage to keep the beak in good shape and add some extra nutrients to their diet.

Diet is of utmost importance as it is the one thing that can add many health years to the life of your bird. Green leafy vegetables top the list along with rice, tofu, and seeds. Fruits such as papaya and oranges will round out their nutritional needs.

Surprisingly, parakeets need to be bathed. The warmer summer months could require bathing on an almost daily basis, while the colder climate will reduce the need to no more than five times per week. Birds have a tendency to skin related illness and cleanliness will avoid these problems.

Grooming of the toenails is not only needed but essential. Wing clipping should only be performed by a veterinarian.

Lack of proper care will make your bird ill-mannered and cranky. Anything that you do not understand in regard to your parakeet should be discussed with your veterinarian. These things will make you a professional at parakeet care.

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